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STAFAL is an anti-staphylococcal phage preparation for local application that contains highly effective virulent phage elements with strong and rapid lytic polyvalent effect. In its effectiveness, Staphal is standardized according to the concentration of specific phage elements per 1 ml. One milliliter of the drug contains Phagi particulae contra staphylococcus polyvalens with 1×107 phage particles at minimum.

Bacteriophage has a deadly effect on a targeted bacterial cell, accumulates at the site of infection, can multiply, parasitizes in an infectious environment where it dissolves and kills staphylococcal strains. Thus, bacteriophages are effective in the treatment of variety of diseases caused by S. aureus. The majority of staphylococcal bacteria are Stafal-sensitive including MRSA strains.


It is used mainly to eliminate the causative agent of staphylococcal infection from the sites of infection (purulent disorders of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and skin adnexal processes) as well as potential reservoirs (primarily nasopharynx, secondarily intestinal and urinary tract).

It is a significant resource in complex treatment of chronic forms of staphylococcal infections (purulent disorders of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, infections affecting deep soft tissue) that prevents the development of sepsis.

At the same time, it is an important part of preventive measures aiming at prevention of superimposed pyogenic complications following surgical interventions.

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