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The company Aumed Pharma a.s. is a subsidiary of AUMED, a.s.. The company Aumed Pharma a.s. deals with the development of its unique nutritional supplements and cosmetic preparations, which are scientifically based and tested in our laboratories. The main unique products at the moment include Phage Glow, a bacteriophage-based bioactive gel designed for problematic skin, and Lysatine Premium, which takes care of your intimate health and treats urinary tract infections. The company is also engaged in the commercial sale of these nutritional supplements and cosmetic products. You can find more information on the website of Aumed Pharma. (

Research projects of Aumed, a.s. are financed by the European Structural Funds and with financial support from the state budget through the Ministry of Industry and Trade. A complete list of all ongoing and completed projects with this support can be found here.

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Tel.: +420 603 587 701
Komořanská 326/63, 143 14 Praha - Modřany, Česká republika
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