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The development of a preparation based on a cleansing spray intended for the supportive treatment of the skin in case of atopic eczema

AUMED, a.s. started research in the field of skin contamination with Staphylococcus aureus bacteria in people affected by atopic eczema. People with atopic dermatitis (AD) have massively colonized skin with Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. This colonization potentiates the emergence of acute phases of dermatitis, induces lesions and leads to a reduced response to common eczema medications. Treatment of the skin with the developed spray will help, through the action of bacteriophages specific against Staphylococcus sp., to restore the skin barrier in people suffering from atopic eczema.


Bacterial infection and associated inflammation in atopic eczema is usually suppressed by combination therapy, which consists of a topical antibiotic and corticosteroids. This is followed by the treatment of atopic manifestations, which, paradoxically, can worsen the problem in retrospect. Instead of calming down, itchiness may occur, which the patient naturally resolves by scratching, thus worsening his condition again and at the same time escalating the risk of infection. After the application of corticoids, all skin problems quickly disappear. However, this type of treatment is quickly followed by adverse effects of corticoids (skin atrophy, perioral dermatitis, hypopigmentation, hypertrichosis, telangiectasia, steroid acne, purpura or tachyphylaxis).

An increasing number of strains of Staphylococcus sp. however, it begins to resist antibiotic treatment, MRSA forms develop rapidly. In MRSA-type infections, the treatment of atopic dermatitis (AD) patients with antibiotics is not usually beneficial, and moreover, a therapeutic strategy aimed at promoting the recolonization of the skin by commensal bacteria is lacking. Therefore, there is increasing social and medical pressure for the development of new therapeutic procedures, including the prevention of MRSA relapse.


The result of these research activities will be an antibacterial phage preparation based on a cleaning antibacterial spray for local use, intended for the supportive treatment of the skin in case of atopic eczema.

The research is also carried out with the help of the program within the Operational Program Technology and Applications for Competitiveness, Application – call I., registration number CZ.01.01.01/01/2 2_002/0000433.

Research projects of Aumed, a.s. are financed by the European Structural Funds and with financial support from the state budget through the Ministry of Industry and Trade. A complete list of all ongoing and completed projects with this support can be found here.

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