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AUMED joins the association fighting against antibiotic resistance


A representative of AUMED participated in the meeting to establish the association Czech Antibiotic Resistance Platform (CZEPAR). The course of the meeting was very friendly and all participants actively participated in determining the vision and mission of the association. The association will bring together research organizations, universities, companies and other workplaces that want to be actively involved in improving the current situation from the point of view of microbial resistance. AUMED sees its place in the association as an opportunity to connect with specialist research facilities and jointly search for opportunities where it would be possible to replace antibiotic treatment with the use of bacteriophages.

The CZEPAR association was created by the union of various entities that pursue a common goal:

“The spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare around the world today. In just 25 years, antibiotic resistance may be responsible for more deaths than any other risk factor, including cancer or cardiovascular disease.

It is an extremely complex issue that affects many areas of life in modern society and whose detailed understanding requires deep expertise in a number of fields from human and veterinary medicine to microbiology to environmental technology. If our fight against antibiotic resistance is to be successful, it is necessary to create multidisciplinary teams of experts who can work together to find effective and practically feasible holistic solutions.”




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